About Us


The founder of Dhyanalinga Foods, Mr.Gowri Sankar, is an engineer with a Masters in Agri Business management. After working for a brief stinct in the software and banking industry, he decided to quit and start his own business. Being from an agricultural family, he was always driven to start a food business.

It was at that time he came to know about the benefits of cold pressed oils and unrefined sugar. Since cold pressed oils were not easily available in the market, he decided to extract oil himself for his family’s needs. Liking the quality, taste and aroma of the oil, his friends and relatives also started demanding for it and he started producing it more and often. It was at that time he decided to start an oil manufacturing company for cold pressed oils and Dhyanalinga Foods was incorporated in 2015. He is a first generation entrepreneur.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide healthier choice of foods to our customers.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is-"what we eat we sell", to our customers.

Marketing Team

Our customers are our strong and loyal marketing team.