What Why & How

Double Heart Cold Pressed Oil

Double heart cold pressed oil is naturally obatained using traditional method of oil extraction.The oil is not exposed to heat and chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Double Heart-Tastier Choice

Natural color and smell of the oil remains intact which adds aroma and flavour to your food.

Double Heart-Healthier Choice

The nutrients(vitamins, anti-oxidants,minerals) are retained in the oil.It improves good cholesterol(HDL) and therefore double heart oil is safe for your heart.

Usage of Cold Press Oil

Cooking : Groundnut, Gingelly and Coconut oil
Deep frying  : Groundnut and coconut oil
Seasoning : Coconut and Gingelly oil can be used like ghee
Cosmetic and Medicinal : Coconut oil is good for hair& skin. Gingelly oil is used for oil bath, massaging, oil pulling since it regulates body heat.

Double heart cane sugar, jaggery & palm jaggery are the traditional unrefined sweeteners.They are rich in vitamins, minerals, iron and calcium.

Cane sugar can be substitute for refined sugar(a healthy option) and can be used in beverages. Jaggery and palm Jaggery is a sweet by itself and can also be used in the preparation of many traditional sweets and nowadays they are incorporated in many of the modern day sweets and savories too..